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The CHIPS and Science Act:

Let’s make sure it benefits all of us

The CHIPS and Science Act, which became law in August 2022, directs at least $280 billion in federal spending over ten years, including $52 billion for domestic semiconductor manufacturing. One year later, the law has already spurred an additional $231 billion in private investment commitments in advanced electronics. It’s likely to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in research, construction, and manufacturing.

But the semiconductor industry has a poor track record as a neighbor and an employer. Since its birth in Silicon Valley in the 1960s and a global expansion that continues to the present day, the industry has often succeeded at the expense of communities and workers.

Employees and neighbors of chip factories have suffered:

Will it be different this time around?

Without the active participation of local communities, the investments spurred by the CHIPS Act could deepen inequality, damage the environment, and leave behind the people who need uplift the most.

To learn more, please read our open letter to the semiconductor industry.